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Trash Lucky motivates Thais to awaremore about recycling thorugh our trash-to-lotory program. Who says recycling cannot be fun?! Come join us; be a part of our community to make the plastic-free oceans and the world better.

Starting recycling with 3 simplest steps

Compress and pack PET bottles or aluminum cans.
Call us for a door-to-door pick up or send it over to convert recyclable wates into raffle tickets.
3) WIN
Congratulations! You are winning gold and vouchers. The more recycable trash you submit, the more chances to win.


Recycling is a good start to make an impact

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Looking for Partnerships

We always thrive to produce new ideas that help us motivate Thais to recycle more.

Trash Lucky is run by a small team with a big passion to make plastic-free oceans. Therefore, we are open and welcome for any partnership opportunities with a strong goal which is to make Thais recycle more recycable wastes. Please reach out to us at


It's time to start taking an action

Join us now to do a fun and impactful thing!

Trash Lucky – Turn Trash into Raffle -

A trash-to-raffle program that incentivizes Thais to recycle plastic and aluminum wastes in an easy and fun way.

Hangar Co-working space by dtac Accelerate, Chamchuri Square Building, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand

Phone: 092 469 6401


LINE: @trashlucky

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